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Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995)

Directed by Takao Okawara

Produced by Shōgo Tomiyama

Written by Kazuki Ōmori

Starring Takuro Tatsumi, Yōko Ishino, Yasufumi Hayashi, Sayaka Osawa, Megumi Odaka, Masahiro Takashima, Momoko Kochi, Akira Nakao, Shigeru Kamiyama, Saburo Shinoda

Music by Akira Ifukube

Cinematography Yoshinori Sekiguchi

Edited by Chizuko Osada

Release date December 9, 1995

Running time 102 minutes

Budget US $10 million

Box office US $18 million

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2 thoughts on “Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995)

  1. C.T. says:

    Been waiting for this since November! Your insight is great, and I love “watching” Godzilla while at work. Downloading now.

    1. Drew Daybell says:

      Sorry for the tardiness and we hope you enjoyed the “show” 😉 or at the very least our discussion

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