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BONUS! Shin Godzilla (2016) First Impressions

In which Drew, Joe, and Kaleb discuss their thoughts on the new Godzilla movie!

Check out this episode!

4 thoughts on “BONUS! Shin Godzilla (2016) First Impressions

  1. trin says:

    Loved the podcast, love all your podcasts. But (sorry, gotta) as a Gojira fan must correct a factual error.
    American Godzilla 98 is not Godzilla. He is Zilla and not the same monster. You can see this clearly in Final Wars. Also Toho has said officially that 98 American Godzilla is not Godzilla.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Drew Daybell says:

      So true. See Joe and I know that, Kaleb probably too, but we just get so caught up saying Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla… thank you so much for the reminder and thanks for listening! 🙂 Also thank goodness that abomination is not actually considered Godzilla…

  2. GMAN says:

    Some things I wanted to add that you guys seemed to question:
    “The Return of Godzilla” was the international title for the simply titled, “Gojira” (“Godzilla”) from 1984. And of course New World’s cut was “Godzilla 1985”.

    “Godzilla 2000” had a budget of $12 million and was the most expensive Godzilla film at the time. (And one of the more expensive Japanese films at the time.) Toho wouldn’t exceed $12 million for a Godzilla film until “Godzilla: Final Wars” (roughly $20 million) which was the most expensive live action Japanese movie ever made at the time. Although Tomiyama wanted to gear the films at a wide audience that would include children, Godzilla movies have fairly consistently been some of the most expensive movies Japan has ever made since the 1950s.

    And this is Anno’s fourth live action film. His last was “Cutie Honey” in 2004.

    “Shin Godzilla” was taking aim at Japan’s poor crisis management as seen during the Fukushima disaster in 2013. While the tsunami was destroying homes and damaging the Fukushima nuclear reactor (often cited as the largest nuclear plant disaster since Chernobyl), Japanese politicians were in meeting after meeting trying to figure out what to do. A declaration of emergency wasn’t made for 5 hours after the earthquake happened.
    Additionally, the movie takes aim at Article 9 which claims Japan will not have a standing army or offensive weapons. The current Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, is for expanding that (and has circumvented standard procedure to expand the meaning to “defend allies”). This has been a major topic in Japan as of late, along with Japanese nationalism. Nationalistic and more “gung-ho” generations rising up to change the older stipulations is something being cried out for by some groups, particularly the Nippon Kaigi lobbying group.

    1. Drew Daybell says:

      I… LOVE YOU. Thank you G-man! 😀 I’m certain some of these things will be mentioned in future episodes. You’re the best, you really are so keep it up.

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