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Godzilla, King of the Monsters (1956)

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Once upon a time, all of us thought that THIS was the first Godzilla film! Little did we know…

Directed by Terry O. Morse, Ishirō Honda
Produced by Terry Turner, Joseph E. Levine
Written by Shigeru Kayama, Al C. Ward
Screenplay by Ishirō Honda, Takeo Murata
Starring Raymond Burr, Takashi Shimura, Akira Takarada, Momoko Kochi, Akihiko Hirata, Haruo Nakajima, Katsumi Tezuka
Narrated by Raymond Burr
Music by Akira Ifukube
Cinematography Guy Roe
Edited by Terry Morse
Release dates: April 27, 1956 (US), May 29, 1957 (Japan)
Running time: 80 min.
Budget $650,000

Check out this episode!

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